MUTHA™ Founder and CEO Hope Dworaczyk Smith is passionate about family and her brand.

About Hope Dworaczyk Smith: from Model to Mogul

An accomplished former model, Hope Smith is an entrepreneur, esthetician, author, and mother of four. She is influenced by the strong women in her life and an internal drive for success.

MUTHA™ Founder and CEO Hope Dworaczyk Smith is passionate about MUTHA products.

Early Life and Texas Roots

Born and raised in the small town of Port Lavaca, Texas, Hope grew up with the strong matriarchal influences of her mother and grandmother. They encouraged her to take a leap of faith when modeling became her passion. She got her chance to make modeling a profession at age 16 when she was crowned Miss Texas Teen America and won a professional modeling contract. Hope took an accelerated program to complete school early and left Texas to begin her modeling career in New York City.

Former model Hope Dworaczyk Smith in Naeem Khan Robe in Palm Beach.

Early Career

As a part of her first modeling contract, Hope worked with Wilhelmina Models beginning in 2001 and went on to fill her portfolio with work for many high-fashion brands including Balenciaga, Patek Philippe, Elie Saab, and Versace. In 2003, Hope earned her esthetician license, in part, as a complement to her life in the beauty industry but also to feed her drive to learn and explore the world around her. She held this education in her back pocket, and it would come to her aid when her career changed years later.

She expanded her modeling career into appearances and lead roles on television, including as a long-term original host and producer on the Toronto-based weekly program “Inside Fashion” (Canada) from 2006-2009 and as a competitor on the 2011 season of the reality show “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Entrepreneur and former model Hope Dworaczyk was featured in GQ magazine.

Hope and Motherhood

A mother of four, Hope has two young sons, Hendrix and Legend, and twin daughters Zya and Zuri. Her first two pregnancies were, as Hope says, “rule-breaking” home births, which inspired her appreciation of hiring a dedicated doula. Hope herself is a doula, training she acquired in 2018 to expand her knowledge of pregnancy and delivery. Unable to carry another pregnancy after her second son was born, Hope and Robert turned to a surrogate and were soon parents to twin daughters, bringing their family to a total of six.  

Hope is the first to say that motherhood comes in many forms and loves an approach to motherhood that includes self-care at its core. Motherhood, to Hope, is about what you put out into the world. She finds inspiration from mothers in her life, from those who take care of their children, to those who care for their community, and ultimately, themselves, as well.

Mother of four, Hope Dworaczyk Smith, makes morning time fun for son.
Hope Dworaczyk Smith and Robert F. Smith enjoy family time together in Palm Beach.

Hope and Family

Since their whirlwind romance and ultimate storybook wedding on the Amalfi Coast of Italy in 2015, Hope and her husband, Robert F. Smith, have been growing their family, with two sons and twin daughters. Splitting time between their homes and other favorite travel destinations around the globe, the family spends time together, along with their “village” that Hope is always quick to praise for their role in her family’s life.

With help from family and assistants, Hope is able to also devote time to her businesses, philanthropic pursuits, and her next exciting project.
Photographer Josh Ryans captures photo of Hope Dworaczyk Smith with two sons.

“I think a lot of motherhood is really accepting who people are and not trying to edit or change them... Humans want... a place where they can completely be themselves.”

What Inspires Hope Smith

Among her passions, Hope finds many regular sources of creative inspiration for her life and her business. Among her favorites are:



Artists like the sculptors Anish Kapoor and Jeff Koons, whose work inspired the look and feel of the iconic packaging of MUTHA™ products.



Like her growing collection of sunglasses.



Books that feed her desire for self-improvement and career transformation, like “The Code Breaker” by Walter Isaacson, “The Whiteness of Wealth” by Dorothy Brown and “Metahuman” by Deepak Chopra.



The outdoors, where she enjoys time with her family, from the mountains to the beach.


Hope has often been one step ahead of herself, planning for that next phase of her exciting career. While working as a model, she also earned her esthetician license. For her first business, she opened up a successful medical spa in Texas before moving on to found her own luxury beauty line. What’s next is simply a matter of hard work and dedication: and Hope has proven she has plenty of both.

Headshot of Hope Dworaczyk Smith, Founder and CEO of MUTHA™
Headshot of Hope Dworaczyk Smith, Founder and CEO of MUTHA™
Hope Dworaczyk Smith and her brand MUTHA™ emulate strong women everywhere.

Founder and CEO of MUTHA™

Hope’s career achievements hit a new milestone when she became the Founder and CEO of her luxury beauty company MUTHA™, which was born out of inspiration from her first pregnancy. Not content with the existing stretch mark fighting pregnancy lotions or skin treatments available, Hope took to her kitchen with her mixer and her esthetician license and started experimenting.
Hope Dworaczyk Smith is passionate about creating natural products while working in her kitchen.
Hope, an esthetician, experimented with different ingredients from her own kitchen.

What was created was the first premier product in the MUTHA™ product line, the luxury body butter, to fight stretch marks and nourish skin every day.

With a clear vision of a beautiful skincare line, Hope was disappointed with meetings she took with potential companies that wanted to change the look or complicate her message. So she created her own company instead. MUTHA™ came to life in 2019 and has grown into a luxury skincare brand for women — and any unapologetic BAD MUTHA™ out there.

Hope Dworaczyk Smith, Founder and CEO of MUTHA™, working with Cassandra Grey.
Hope Smith with Cassandra Grey celebrating the launch of MUTHA™.
Hope built MUTHA™ around the idea that hard-working women can and should be supported and rewarded — not only with roles at companies like hers, where Hope knows they’ll bring their amazing work ethic, —
MUTHA™ aligns its luxury skincare to meet every stage of a woman’s ever-evolving life.
Every MUTHA™ product is developed to compliment a person throughout her lifetime.

but also at home, where important self-care rituals can be a part of the everyday, not a periodic indulgence. Learn more about MUTHA™ and Hope’s role as leader of a luxury skincare revolution in the beauty industry.


Hope has expanded her entrepreneurial vision to include authoring her first book, which was published in February. Covering pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and her experiences with home birth, Hope is excited to share her thoughts with the world.

Recognition & Awards

Hope has been recognized for multiple career and charitable achievements. She has been honored with:
2020 WWD Beauty’s Emerging Brand Founders List
2020 Forbes Inspiring Female Founders in the Beauty Industry List
2018 Humanitarian Award by the International Medical Corps, along with Robert F. Smith
Hope Dworaczyk Smith advocates for International Medical Corps
Hope Dworaczyk Smith soaks in every moment with her kids.