Hope Dworaczyk stands with arms crossed in an International Medical Corps hat while talking to an IMC doctor.


Throughout the years, Hope Smith has made giving back to the community a core focus of her life. Strengthened by her career and life experiences, Hope was inspired to support nonprofit organizations that offer aid to struggling or vulnerable women and children all over the world.

Hope Dworaczyk Smith advocates for International Medical Corps

“We’re actually training people on the ground that can make a difference for their lifetime and empower them.”

Furthermore, working with and changing the lives of these vulnerable populations makes Hope feel more powerful and fulfilled than with any other work she does. Some organizations that are most near and dear to her heart include the International Medical Corps, Together We Rise, and Unlikely Heroes.

While supporting organizations that help women and children continues to be a cornerstone of her philanthropic work, her philanthropic giving over the years has grown into other areas as well. For example, Hope, who has seen the effects of racism on her own family, also works with organizations that help fight for equality and against racial injustice, including The Bail Project and The Conscious Kid.

International Medical Corps

Hope Dworaczyk Smith traveled to Jordan with International Medical Corps

Since 2016, Hope has been working with the International Medical Corps for the betterment of women, infants, and children all around the world. As a first responder, the International Medical Corps works to provide emergency relief to those struck by disaster, working with them to rebuild and survive.

Hope works alongside the organization to help educate and train nurses and midwives in countries with limited access to healthcare and where maternal and infant mortality is the highest. During her time working with the International Medical Corps, she has traveled to Jordan to visit a refugee camp and work with many of the residents of the village.

“By donating some of the profits to IMC, we are authentically supporting mothers—literally putting our money where our mouth is.

Hope Dworaczyk Smith at refugee camp with International Medical Corps

Through MUTHA™, Hope is also providing monetary relief to the International Medical Corps to help further the efforts of the organization. A portion of MUTHA™ profits are donated directly to the organization. In 2018, Hope Smith and her husband Robert F. Smith were bestowed the Humanitarian of the Year by the International Medical Corps. She also remains a part of the organization’s Leadership Council.

Together We Rise

Hope has partnered with Together We Rise to improve the lives of children in foster care. In the fall of 2015, the Fund II Foundation and Together We Rise partnered together to launch The Family Fellowship Program, which offers financial, educational, and emotional support to foster youth who have aged out of the foster care system and want to attend a university, community college, or trade school. When the program launched, Hope, an Ambassador of the program, and Robert greeted the initial 10 Fellows during a lunch, where they swapped stories of resilience and ambition. The Fellows were also presented with new MacBooks and the assurance of financial and emotional support throughout their time in the program.

Hope Dworaczyk Smith and husband host around 50 Fellows during the holiday season.
Each year, Hope and Robert also host around 50 Fellows during the holiday season. During the trip, the Fellows enjoy activities like hiking, sledding, visiting escape rooms, and opening gifts. They also spend personal time with Hope and Robert at their cabin making dinner and embarking on other activities.
Hope Dworaczyk Smith and Robert F. Smith support Unlikely Heroes.
Hope Dworaczyk Smith and Robert F. Smith support Unlikely Heroes.

Unlikely Heroes

Through Unlikely Heroes, an organization that provides safe homes and restoration for victims of human trafficking, Hope helps rescue, restore, and rehabilitate child victims of sex slavery around the world. In 2016, Hope and her husband attended the Unlikely Heroes 4th Annual Recognizing Heroes Charity Benefit. And each summer, Hope and Robert host survivors that are part of Unlikely Heroes at their ranch for a week. One of her favorite activities to enjoy with the survivors is rafting.

Unlikely Heroes Logo
In 2017, Hope and Robert also matched the organization’s GoFundMe campaign dollar-for-dollar with a grant of up to $250,000 to help the organization keep their home site in the U.S. “Unlikely Heroes quietly does some of the hardest, most heroic work on the planet,” said Hope. “With limited resources, they rescue children from the most appalling conditions and provide them a safe, loving and supportive place to live and reclaim their lives, identities and humanity. The thought of Unlikely Heroes losing their U.S. home is heartbreaking, and we need to take action immediately.”

Support For Other Organizations

Beyond supporting the International Medical Corps, Together We Rise, and Unlikely Heroes, Hope supports organizations and initiatives that better the lives of women, children, and members of underrepresented groups, including:

The Bail Project

The Bail Project is on a mission to combat incarceration and challenge a system that criminalizes accused based on race and poverty. The organization aims to end cash bail and create a more humane pretrial system. Hope and her husband, Robert, have personally donated to the nonprofit organization to support those who need help with bail.


As a committee member, Hope provides support to BeautyUnited, which mobilizes its network of brands, celebrities, and consumers to address urgent social issues that impact the Beauty community at large. Formed in 2020, BeautyUnited’s main objective has been to support doctors, nurses, and all the healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic. Hope, and other beauty-brand entrepreneurs have also donated personal-care supplies to front-line healthcare workers.

“Changing the lives of the most vulnerable amongst us makes me feel more powerful than anything else I do.”

Hope Dworaczyk Smith and MUTHA™ developed the F* Racism candle

The Conscious Kid

A mother of four Black children and committed to ending racial injustice, Hope made a conscious decision to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement and provide support towards fighting racial injustice. Through MUTHA™, she developed the F* Racism candle, in which 100% of the proceeds are donated to various organizations. One of those organizations, The Conscious Kid, is a non-profit that provides support to educators and organizations who help to disrupt racism in children and foster a positive identity in youth.