Hope Dworaczyk Smith makes time to cleanse and nourish her skin with MUTHA™ products.

How Hope Dworaczyk Smith Founded MUTHA™

Founder and CEO of MUTHA™, Hope Smith, wants to empower women to radiate with health, strength, and love. The MUTHA™ manifesto is to nurture and nourish women’s bodies, like a mother would. MUTHA™ knows self-care is the first step on the path to self-confidence. A woman who looks after herself is reinvigorated to fulfill the roles she chooses to embrace as a boss, a mother, or a creative force. MUTHA™ aligns its luxury skincare to meet every cycle and stage of a woman’s ever-evolving, ever-changing physical and emotional life.
Hope Dworaczyk Smith visionary of MUTHA™ Body Butter

How MUTHA™ Was Created

“Having successively launched MUTHA in its MUTHAHOOD, Malibu back in 2019 with sell-out success, I am thrilled to announce our second-market launch into the UK this January. Aiming to care for you as your own MUTHA would, I am excited to share my story, clean, science-backed formulas and MUTHA-mission with the savvy, beauty-obsessed UK consumer.”

In 2014, Hope created the first product for MUTHA™ in her own kitchen. Pregnant with her first son Hendrix and frustrated by the lotions and oils available for stretch marks, Hope formulated her very own body butter. She sourced all that was wholesome, natural, and body nourishing, leaving out the fillers and the chemicals.

According to Hope, creating her luxury skin-care brand began with a serious desire and drive to honor motherhood and women in a whole new way. It was born out of a need to start a conversation about how self-care impacts us both physically and emotionally. It’s about aligning our bodies to our mind and our mind to the world around us. It’s not just good lotion, it’s a commitment to grounding yourself in your own body and inspiring yourself to access your own power.

Word of mouth built a growing clamor for Hope’s body butter, which she started making for friends. Before long, she received a request from the founder of the beauty and wellness website, Violet Gray. Finally, in 2019, Hope formally launched MUTHA™ with two products: a thick, creamy body butter and luxurious Body Oil. Since then, MUTHA™ has grown steadily though it remains Hope’s own privately held company. All MUTHA™ products continue to be carefully sourced and manufactured in the United States. Hope’s daily clean-living skin-care routine still features her favorite MUTHA™ products.

Hope Dworaczyk Smith and Cassandra Grey celebrate the launch of MUTHA™ at event.
Cassandra Grey (left) founder of Violet Grey and Hope Smith (right) Founder and CEO of MUTHA™, worked together.
In 2022, MUTHA™ officially launched in the UK and is available through online retailers including Cult Beauty. UK-based MUTHA™ lovers can now purchase a range of products including MUTHA™ No.1 Serum, MUTHA™ Up All Night Eye Cream, and MUTHA™ Body Oil. Hope has continued to make sure her products are created with the highest quality ingredients. MUTHA™ continues to grow throughout the United States and the UK.

Every MUTHA™ product is developed to compliment a person throughout her lifetime. The introduction of MUTHA™ Body Contour Serum means that every contour of a woman’s body and every iteration of her being will be attended to. At MUTHA™, we know our skin is an organ, and we believe every inch of it should be treated with the same loving attention people usually reserve for their faces. And, with the latest MUTHALOAD™ Core Technology, we can now arise empowered and refreshed, with our faces ready to take on the world.  

Hope Dworaczyk Smith launched brand with MUTHA™ Body Butter

Mutha by the Numbers

of MUTHA™ sales support the International Medical Corps.
of F* Racism candle profits go to The Conscious Kid.
formulas tested to perfect Hope’s body butter.
of product ingredients have natural origin.

MUTHA™ Is a Verb

“When mother is a verb—as in to mother, to be mothered—then the best of human possibilities come into our imaginations.”

That, in essence, is what MUTHA™ is all about. Mothering is a creative act of care and bravery. It brings into being the best parts of ourselves. As a verb, it’s inclusive of everyone. And it’s something that everyone should aspire to do.

Harnessing her creative power with outside-the-box thinking has been a strength Hope nurtured and manifested within herself since she left small-town Texas behind at the age of 16. Hope launched her modeling career among the fashion elite, but she never lost touch with her inner vision. That deep connection with her core eventually sparked her latest venture as an entrepreneur.

Creating MUTHA™, Hope stayed true to herself and trusted her instincts for what her body needed. An act of self-care led to a business, which now employs many other mothers. As a mother of four, Hope knows mothers are loyal. And no one will work harder for you than a mother. 

The MUTHA™ brand emulates strong women everywhere.


Many MUTHA™ skin care products have received high praise over the years, including notable awards. Check out a few of the awards and the much-loved MUTHA™ products that won them!

MUTHA™ Body Oil


Best Body Butter

Best Body Oil

Best Moisturizer

Prix d'Excellence Awards

Best Brightening Serum

Best Body Treatment

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NewBeauty, Best Body Butter


...instantly absorbs into skin like a dream.”


Cosmopolitan, Best Body Oil


I’ve gone through three bottles...Yup, it’s that good.”


InStyle, Best Overall


There’s an instant wow factor that comes the second you feel the silky orange oil out of the bold, purple mirrored bottle.”


Marie Claire, Prix d'Excellence Awards


Its velvety, almost-whipped texture spreads easily…”

Marie Claire

Glamour, Best Brightening Serum


...has worked wonders on...my overall lackluster, pandemic skin.”


NewBeauty, Best Firming Body Serum


...this serum -- has me on the right track for a firmer look.”


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MUTHA™ F* Racism candle provides benefits not only to consumers but also to nonprofit organizations

MUTHA™ and Philanthropy

“Giving back has always been at the heart of the MUTHA brand, with 5% of all full-priced sales donated to MUTHA- partner, International Medical Corp – a global non-profit, humanitarian organization that aids a host of critical needs. Together, we can boldly MUTHA the world into a better, more beautiful place.”

As Hope continues to manifest her vision of family and business success, she and MUTHA™ are transforming lives. The ability to aid the most vulnerable empowers and inspires Hope. This is why Hope directs a percentage of the profits from MUTHA™ to the International Medical Corps (IMC), a global nonprofit with a mission to provide care for people living in poverty and desperate need. The IMC helps nurses and midwives save the lives of mothers and newborns.
Hope Dworaczyk Smith ensures 5% of all full-priced sales of MUTHA products goes to charity partner, IMC.

MUTHA™ and Hope do not tolerate racism. Hope is a committed supporter of racial justice and Black Lives Matter’s Civil Rights movement. As such, MUTHA™ developed and produced the F* Racism candle, with proceeds benefiting the nonprofit organization, The Conscious Kid. The group, dedicated to equity, teaches educators and parents how to talk about race with children.

Find out more about Hope’s philanthropic outreach with Together We Rise, The Conscious Kid and other nonprofits contributing to the greater good.

Hope Dworaczyk Smith ensures portion of MUTHA™ profits goes to IMC.

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