An image of the whole earth seen from orbit is contrasted with an image of a round open container containing moisturizing cream

Beauty, Wellness, and Climate Change

Everything is interconnected. The products we choose to use can make a difference, not only for clear skin but for the environment. What we choose to put on our faces and bodies to moisturize can come from natural origins, like MUTHA™ products, or from processed chemicals in large manufacturing facilities. The choice is ours to make with every bottle or jar we pick up. However, the change beauty and wellness collective CodeRed4Climate is asking for, is on an even larger scale. Dare we say, a global scale.
“We have less than a decade to keep warming below 1.5°C [34.7°F], a critical threshold for humankind,” according to CodeRed4Climate, which represents over 200 brands, not including individual supporters like Hope Smith, who is a movement ally.

More than 99% of science research papers agree that climate change is real and caused by humans, according to a 2021 IOPscience survey of 88,125 climate-related studies. Unless the global community takes action, climate change will negatively impact people in ways we are still discovering.
Climate change will affect everyone and every industry. Here’s a quick look at what’s happening in the beauty and wellness spheres, and what you can do to help.

Recycling, Policy, and Products

There are lots of ideas and theories available about what individuals and brands should do to make a difference regarding climate change, but impact is measured on a macro level. So, solutions to the problems that lead to climate change are likely to be found on a more massive scale than a small brand or personal level.
”Beauty brands are obsessed with recycling. In the context of the climate crisis, it’s like worrying about taking out the trash when your house is on fire. A cool climate future needs to be the top environmental priority for the government and businesses, alike,” said Melanie Bender, the president of Versed, in an interview with Glossy. Versed can be found in drugstores and prides itself on providing clean vegan products in recycled packaging.
Recycling is a valid action which sets the idea of sustainability as a 1:1 practice personally and for businesses. But, Bender is right that bigger changes need to happen systematically across all industries to move the thermometer out of the red.
Versed partnered with Fossil Free Media to promote the CodeRed4Climate initiative. Here are the actions and ideas they are advocating for at a federal level:
  • The creation of a Clean Electricity Payment Program to reward wind and solar energy companies that hit targets, so that there is an incentive to achieve a carbon-free power sector by 2035.
  • Redirect up to 40% of relevant federal investments into programs for renewable energy, energy efficiency, flood mitigation, and other projects to help communities most impacted by climate change.
  • Put an end to subsidizing fossil fuel companies, which cost the federal government $15 billion annually.
  • Create a Civilian Climate Corps to train and employ Americans, just like the old Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s, to create a pathway to good paying jobs and the clean energy workforce we need.
What can I do?
That’s an excellent question. Keep reading. Look for solid information and check to make sure it’s coming from a credible source. If you aren’t sure, ask your local librarian, we guarantee you they will know what’s what.

Clean Ingredients

When it comes to clean, wholesome ingredients, nothing is 100% perfect, except maybe the MUTHA™ Body Butter recipe Hope whipped up in her kitchen from naturally sourced products. In this, we’re only being a little bit cheeky. Seriously though, to protect your skin from the effects of climate change, look to products that heal while moisturizing, like MUTHA products.
Elle magazine recently interviewed environmental epidemiologist Vijay Limaye, who researches health and climate change. He explained that extreme weather can release environmental toxins and dust in the form of particle pollutants. These pollutants can breach the skin barrier, multiplying free radicals that cause damage and disease.
MUTHA™ ingredients such as shea butter, mango seed butter, rosehip extract, and coconut oil contain natural antioxidants and other properties that heal and protect your skin from damage naturally. So you can get outside and make an impact on your world with confidence.