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Essential Minis to Pack for Travel

Packing for a trip isn’t always fun – but we’re here to at least help make packing your skincare items a little easier. Whether you decide to check a bag or just travel with a carry on, it’s important to be stocked with mini sizes of your favorite hair and skin care products. Mini or travel-size products take up less space and – let’s admit it – they’re just cute. Here are some of our favorite hair and skin care products that you should bring with you on your next vacation.

MUTHA™ On-the-Go Set

Bringing your favorite MUTHA™ products with you just got easier with the MUTHA™ On The Go set. These travel-sized lil MUTHAs are easy to put in your carry-on bag or purse and will keep your skin hydrated and ready to take on vacation.

Travel Sunscreen

Even on vacation, wearing sunscreen every day is still just as important. Especially if you’re visiting a locale with tons of sun, you should always carry sunscreen with you. Travel-sized sunscreens are easy to pop in your purse for you to reapply throughout the day.

Hydrating Cream

Traveling for long periods of time, especially on long flights, can dry out your skin’s barrier and can lead to blemishes. Stay hydrated with the MUTHA™ Cream – packed with hyaluronic acid and bio-fermented ingredients that will keep your skin hydrated and protected.

Travel Makeup Bag

Before you travel, organize all of your favorite makeup products into one bag. A travel sized makeup bag makes it so easy to have everything you need in one place and ready to use. The Violet Grey makeup bag is both functional and trendy making it a perfect option for your next trip.

Purse-sized Hair Care

When you try to condense all of your hair care must-haves into tiny travel sized bottles, it can be a real struggle. Travel sized haircare sets make it so much easier to still make the most out of your hair care routine without having to worry about transferring product from full sized bottles to small sized bottles.

Your Favorite Travel Hair Brush

Let’s be real – having a hair brush on you at all times is essential but especially when traveling. A mini hair brush is convenient to take along everywhere in order to keep your hair looking fresh at any time of the day or from pool to patio.

Fast Facials

No need to find a spa in a different part of the world just to get a facial – enjoy a treatment on-the-go instead from the comfort of your own hotel room. Pack an all in one facial starter kit to keep your skin glowing throughout your entire vacation.

Refreshing Facial Mist

Sometimes your skin just needs that extra spritz of moisturizer. Carry a facial mist with you for a quick restore of your skin’s moisture barrier to stay hydrated throughout the day. It even works over makeup!
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