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Everything you need to know about lymph brushing

If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities have glowing skin all the time, you might be surprised to find out that lymph brushing may help you achieve similar skin. Also commonly referred to as “dry brushing”, this process can be done to brighten up your dull skin to reveal youthful, glowing skin. The best part is that this can all be done from the comfort of your own home and takes just minutes to complete from start to finish. No need to spend hours on the internet researching how to do dry brushing, some of the resources that can help you begin are here in this article. Let’s get started with diving into what dry brushing is and why so many people are interested in utilizing it for health benefits.

What is lymph brushing?

Just as you might assume, dry brushing is just what it sounds like. You can use a body brush to gently massage any areas of your skin that are in need of exfoliation. It’s important to massage in a way that you are moving towards your lymph nodes to get optimal overall results. As you use the dry brush in the correct motion moving towards your heart, this will help your lymph system drain and detox. This can result in a boost to your body’s immune system and potentially increase circulation in your body. In addition to this, the process is able to make your skin appear more radiant and brighter over time as it removes the dead skin cells that keep your skin from fully absorbing moisture.

Dry brushing 101

Whether you are entirely new to dry brushing or you want to make sure you are doing it correctly, these steps will help you ensure that you are successful. Dry brushing your skin should be done before you get in the shower so that you can rinse off any dead skin cells after exfoliating, two to three times per week. Here’s how to get started with dry brushing:
  1. Begin on the left side of your body and be sure to use your dry brush in a clockwise motion on your armpit then afterwards move the brush in a counterclockwise motion.
  2. From there, move your dry brush to the center of your chest and then brush back to your armpit.
  3. The next area to brush is the area underneath your breasts and between each breast again with a motion back towards your armpit.
  4. Use the dry brush in an upward motion starting at your hip and moving up towards your armpit.
  5. The next area to brush is your stomach region using circular, clockwise motions from the top right of your stomach until you’ve brushed the entire area.
  6. Next, brush upwards from your elbow to your shoulder.
  7. Focusing on your forearm, brush the top and bottom of this region with your dry brush.
  8. Brush your hand next, bottom and top moving towards your wrist.
  9. Move the brush in a circular motion around your wrist entirely.
  10. Now, move to your neck region and dry brush there.

Commonly asked questions about dry brushing

Now that you understand how to dry brush, you may still have a few questions. Here are some of the most common questions asked about dry brushing to help you get started and have the best results.

What should my dry brush be made out of?

It’s best to use a dry brush with a natural bristle that is made from plant based materials. The MUTHA™ Body Brush is made from sisal which is a fiber that is made from the agave plant native to the southern parts of Mexico. By popular demand, the MUTHA™ Body Brush will be back in stock soon!

When should I incorporate dry brushing into my routine?

Depending on what your schedule is like, dry brushing can be incorporated into your routine at night or in the morning. It is recommended to do it whenever you are taking a shower afterwards as this helps get rid of any dead skin particles.

How often should I dry brush?

It is recommended to dry brush anywhere from two to three times per week. While you can do this every day, keep in mind that over-exfoliation can be harmful to your skin’s surface if you are using a significant amount of pressure.

Is it safe to dry brush while pregnant?

While pregnant, you can still take advantage of dry brushing as long as you avoid the stomach area. You are still safe to dry brush your arms, neck, and other parts of your body.

How long does it take to dry brush?

Dry brushing can be tailored to your schedule with a full routine lasting around seven minutes. If you ever find yourself short on time, you can quickly focus on the areas that need it the most and cut a few minutes off of your routine.

What skin products should I use after dry brushing?

While dry brushing can be done on it’s own, using a body serum or moisturizer afterwards can enhance your results. Especially in your armpit areas, it’s important to use a natural deodorant after dry brushing to allow your body to breathe and release any toxins.

In the morning, we recommend you moisturize after dry brushing with the MUTHA™ Body Contour Serum and Body Oil and in the evening, use the MUTHA™ Body Butter.

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