MUTHA™ No.1 Serum next to a pile of lemons

Get More Vitamin C in Your Life (And in Your Body Care Products)

Proper body care starts with ensuring that you are getting all the right nutrients your body needs to keep you healthy and beautiful. This includes vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for various parts of your body to function normally. In fact, it can boost your immune system and remove reactive oxidative species from your body.
Let’s dive into more of the benefits of vitamin C and how it’s used in MUTHA™ No.1 Serum.

What Is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin that is vital for health. However, our body doesn’t produce vitamin C, so your diet should include a helping of vitamin C rich foods. You can find vitamin C in fruits and vegetables like oranges, broccoli, peppers, and strawberries. Another option is to take oral supplements to help get your recommended amount of vitamin C.

Hope Smith’s Journey With Vitamin C

When Hope Smith, Founder and CEO of MUTHA™, and the MUTHA™ team set out to create their own facial serum, Hope learned of her allergy to vitamin C.
“Every once in a while I would try a vitamin C, and I’d kinda be red for two days and I’d think ‘oh, i’m allergic to something in this product,’ but never thought it was vitamin C,” said Hope.
The search for a more stable vitamin C led the MUTHA™ team to THD, which provides all the benefits of traditional vitamin C without setting off Hope’s (and potentially others) allergies.
“Because it’s oil-soluble, it goes deeper in the skin and it’s stable. That’s why our vitamin C, we actually have in a dropper, it doesn’t have to be in an air-less container. And it is still stable on the shelf which means it’s effective for you,” Hope said.

MUTHA™ No.1 Serum

As Hope Smith and her team set out to create the do-it-all serum that promotes healthy skin, they developed one that reduces pigmentation, increases collagen, and prevents UVA/UVB damage. This miracle product? MUTHA™ No.1 Serum. The serum sits above the rest, thanks to THD, a stabilized Vitamin C that is 50 times more effective than the standard L-Ascorbic Acid. MUTHA™ No.1 Serum also features MUTHALOAD™ Core Technology, which includes four molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, rice eptide complex, and rice kefiran.
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