Hope Dworaczyk Smith and MUTHA™ developed the F* Racism candle

Get the Most From Your Candle Purchase With a MUTHA™ Candle

Believe it or not, the global candle market is a fast-growing market. According to one report, people all over the world purchased USD $8.38 billion in candles in 2018. In the United States alone, retail sales of candles are estimated at $3.2 billion annually, which excludes the sale of candle accessories. And, more than 1 billion pounds of wax is used each year to produce these candles.

It is safe to say that, globally, people adore candles. In fact, by 2026, it is estimated that the global candle market will reach USD $13.72 billion. For most consumers, the illustrious fragrance is why they are purchasing so many candles. Three-fourths of candle buyers say that the fragrance characteristic of the candle is “extremely important” or at least “very important.” But, don’t buyers deserve more than just a great smell from their candle purchase?

MUTHA™, a world-leading, luxury skincare brand thinks so. Founded by Hope Dworaczyk Smith, MUTHA™ offers products that are nourishing to women and beyond the norm, and their candles are no exception. Consumers can choose from two candles that offer more than just an exceptional fragrance. Discover what MUTHA™ candles have to offer.

Aphrodisiac Massage Candle

Light a MUTHA™ Aphrodisiac Massage candle, and enjoy the scents of cocoa flower, warm milk, sandalwood, and musk which, blended together, create a warm, chocolate fragrance. However, this candle offers more than just a sweet scent. Crafted in France, the massage candle is made with natural wax and skin-softening coconut and soybean oils that are intended to calm, nourish, and hydrate skin. Simply melt the candle, and apply the wax and oil blend to the skin for a luxurious, skin-warming, and soothing effect.

F* Racism Candle

The MUTHA™ F* Racism candle was created to be burned in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and 100% of profits go towards fighting racial injustice. Since 2021, the proceeds have been donated to The Conscious Kid, which is a non-profit organization that supports educators and other institutions that are taking action to disrupt racism in young children.

However, the candle does not simply aid in the cause of breaking down the barriers of racial injustice. It helps to fill a room with the powerful and captivating scents of star anise, celery, tuberose, jasmine, mimosa, and vanilla. The candle will even permeate the room when unlit. When lit, however, the natural wax from soy, coconut, and beeswax can burn for over 50 hours.

MUTHA F* Racism candle provides benefits not only to consumers but also to nonprofit organizations.

How MUTHA™ and its Founder and CEO, Hope Smith, Give Back

While both MUTHA™ candles offer benefits beyond that of traditional candles, MUTHA™ F* Racism candle provides benefits not only to consumers but also to nonprofit organizations. Yet, it is not simply through the proceeds from the F* Racism candle that MUTHA™ gives back. For one, 5% of all of the sales of MUTHA™ products are donated to the International Medical Corps, which helps to train nurses and midwives in countries or villages with limited resources and access to quality healthcare. The Founder and CEO of MUTHA™, Hope Smith, has been working with the organization for years and has found a way to get her company involved.

The International Medical Corps is not the only organization Hope Smith directly supports. She is deeply involved with institutions that provide aid to women and children in difficult situations. Some of these organizations include Unlikely Heroes and Together We Rise, the latter she began working with in 2015. Hope, along with her husband Robert F. Smith, assist with the Family Fellowship Program, which was launched with support from Together We Rise and the Fund II Foundation. Hope also provides her support to other organizations that help to break down systemic racism, aside from The Conscious Kid, such as the Bail Project. And, she is a Committee Member for BeautyUnited, which mobilizes its network of brands, celebrities, and consumers to tackle social issues.

Learn more about MUTHA™ and Hope’s philanthropic efforts.