A heart made out of black tea leaves.

Ingredient Spotlight: Black Tea Ferment

When Hope founded MUTHA™, she wanted to focus on using natural ingredients to leave skin looking fresh, but more importantly, nourished. Well, this ingredient is no different. While black tea can potentially improve heart and gut health, black tea ferment has significant benefits as part of your skincare routine.

What are the benefits of Black Tea Ferment?

Several benefits can come with using black tea ferment (also known as kombucha). Traditionally, black tea ferment has been mainly used for acne treatments and to help skin maintain elasticity. Yet, it is also beneficial for:
  • Increasing the quantity of collagen in the skin helping it appear smooth and youthful
  • Antiseptic and probiotic properties that are typically useful for acne treatment
  • Antioxidants that protect the skin from oxidation, UV radiation, and cancer
  • Anti-glycations that can help your skin feel more radiant

Keeping Your Skin Nice and Nourished

While it’s possible to use black tea ferment alone, it isn’t recommended. Black tea ferments inherently low pH balance can alter your skin’s pH value. This ingredient is at its best when combined with ingredients that support its efficacy while preventing it from negatively affecting your skin.

Black Tea Ferment and MUTHA™

A natural ingredient that does wonders for the skin, black tea ferment is the perfect addition to the MUTHA™ line of products, particularly the MUTHA™ Cell Rejuvenating Essence. The essence is packed with lactobacillus lysate, black tea ferments, and a variety of other clinically proven ingredients. The result is a powerful essence that helps plump skin, reverse fine lines, and improve resiliency and bounce.
It’s the perfect foundation to start your daily skincare routine. Tie it together with the MUTHALOAD™ Core Technology that hydrates, protects, and repairs the skin, and you have a winning addition to your skincare routine!
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