How to Make Your Own Self-Care “Holiday Magic”

Planning the perfect holiday celebration isn’t worth sabotaging your mental health for. Moms, in particular, are often the ones who are responsible for making sure the holidays are enjoyable and “perfect” for everyone around them. However, how are women supposed to actually enjoy the holiday season if they are busy preparing for everything? Making your own holiday self-care magic is important this year and for years to come. To put it simply, you matter just as much as all of the holiday parties you are planning. We’ll walk you through a few different tips for promoting self care and not putting your mental health on the back burner.

Promoting Self Care

As we all know, the holidays are supposed to be a time to enjoy with family and friends you love. This can be hard to do if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. Putting your own mental health as a priority is important when it comes to promoting self care and getting the most out of the holiday season. Whether you take part in a small self-care activity like getting your nails done or ordering take-out, these little things all help take a little stress off of your shoulders. Some of the most effective ways to promote self care during the holidays include:
  • Set aside time for yourself to engage in activities that you enjoy aside from holiday planning.
  • Monitor your stress levels and take note of what situations trigger your emotions in a negative way.
  • Practice mindfulness and mediation techniques to help relax yourself and relieve any stress you might have.
  • Think about gratitude when faced with stressful events or people to fill your mind with more positive thoughts.

Why is it so Hard to Say No?

Why is saying “no” so difficult? Studies have shown that people don’t want to be in conflict with others so by saying no, this takes away the potential of another person being critical of you. In addition to not wanting to incite criticism, most people don’t want to disappoint or hurt someone’s feelings. However, for the sake of your mental health, sometimes saying no is necessary. Women in particular have a harder time saying no compared to their male counterparts as we want to please other people and get along well.

Stay Organized and Ask for Help

If you’re feeling like there’s too much on your plate, get ahead of a melt down through organization and asking your family for a lending hand can really make a difference. Start by making a To-Do list. Writing down what needs to be done for the day can help out a lot in the long run to make sure nothing is forgotten. While you’re writing down these tasks, use that time as an opportunity to delegate some tasks to family members. Hope is a huge advocate for making lists and keeping things organized in a planner or calendar. At the end of the day, it’s important to ask for a lending hand if you need it from a friend or family member. Read more holiday organizing tips.

Treat Yourself to Holiday Magic

Once you’ve done all the work that goes into holiday planning, it’s time to treat yourself! Having something to look forward to after getting through the holiday season can help motivate you more. A few things you could do for yourself include:
  • Schedule a spa day at your local relaxation spot to unwind.
  • Indulge in new MUTHA™ skincare products.
  • Plan a weekend getaway to your favorite city.
  • Make a reservation for a fancy dinner with a friend or significant other.
We want to make sure all moms have a great holiday season this year and for many years to come! By practicing these essential self-care tips and making sure you ask for help when you need it, you’ll not only make it through the holidays, but enjoy happier memories of your time together with friends and family.