Add a Skin Check-in to Your Routine

Hope Smith is inspired by gratitude, positive attitudes and purposefully manifesting physical and mental well-being. Being thoughtful about caring for the whole body is an unselfish way to strengthen connections to all other areas of life and empower women to achieve life goals.

On that note, let this be your midsummer body care check-in. Because, living out our summer dream days doesn’t mean neglecting skin care routines. Being a CEO and a mom, Hope knows how limited our time for self care can be, nevertheless, we must aim for balance.

“It’s so important to schedule time for yourself. Whether it’s a workout, self care or just time to let my mind feel free and creative I have learned to actually block this time in my calendar for me too and that makes me a better leader and mom.”

Manifesting, What Now?

Manifesting is a way to gently train your mind to let go of old harmful ways of thinking. It’s also a way to retrain your brain to tune into the things that can help you reach your full potential. Making a body-mind connection and practicing positive affirmation techniques for self-love can be part of your manifestation ritual. Sometimes it’s the small things we do that can have a positive impact on everything else in our lives, including our bodies and our skin.

“Taking moments to meditate and manifest are a must in my daily routine.”

Here are some affirmation ideas to practice as you cleanse in the morning or at night before bed. Just like you want to remove the oily waxy sebum from your face and neck, and help refresh your skin. Think about what you want to hold in your mind. Think or speak your affirmations out loud:

“I radiate love.”

“I am whole. I am glowing from within. I am radiant.” (repeat 3x)

“I am grateful.”

“I radiate gratitude.”

“I am grateful for ________.”

Gratitude is a form of self care that can change your life. When we express gratitude we release serotonin and dopamine which gives us a boost as we start or finish the day.

“I truly believe that your thoughts are your reality,” Hope wrote on Instagram in April. “It has become an important practice in my life and has helped me reach goals in my career, relationships, and spiritual wellness.”

Hope starts her day with a gratitude list. She does it to stay present and grateful for the beauty she has cultivated in her life. What’s on your gratitude list?

‘Me Time’ Can Mean Five Solid Minutes With Your Skin

Finding time as a busy mom can be a challenge. Committing to just five minutes wherever you can find it and bake it into your routine will create a positive snowball effect throughout your day.

Hope finds time during the in-between moments, like when her kids are eating breakfast, to cleanse and nourish her skin.

Your Skin is an Organ, Treat it That Way

Did you know that your skin is an organ? That’s right. It’s larger than any other organ. And, just like all your other vital organs, the health of your skin affects the function of your body as a whole.

Your skin isn’t just the package you come in. Skin is your first layer of protection against bacteria and viruses. And, it’s part of your body’s excretory system. It helps eliminate your body’s wastes. You want to make sure it can do its job. Respect your skin and massage it with wholesome products. You probably limit the amount of junk food you consume, so treat your outsides the same way.

Along these lines, Hope and MUTHA™ have created MUTHA™ Body Contour Serum, formulated to mimic the results of a lymphatic massage, which helps the body purify and detoxify itself. The serum contains M-TIGHT™ Technology, which works to activate micro-circulation, bringing the benefits of blood flow to the areas you target, giving your skin a firmer tone, hydration and glow.

Check in with your body. Whether you have five minutes a day or an hour, you can set your intentions and nourish yourself — your whole self — with care.

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