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Mothers Helping Mothers – Philanthropy to Get Behind

The ability to identify with another person, and truly understand what they are feeling is a powerful force. One that President Barack Obama explained can give people the opportunity to change the world.
As a mother of four, Hope Smith understands the challenges faced by mothers around the world. Her commitment to empowering mothers and supporting children in critical circumstances is unwavering.
Through her company MUTHA™, and via donations of both time and money, Hope supports multiple organizations that share in her mission of raising up each and every mother.

International Medical Corps: Serving the Underserved

As a global first responder, The International Medical Corps (IMC) is non-profit organization whose mission is to “improve [quality of life] through health interventions and related activities that strengthen underserved communities worldwide.”
Currently the IMC is undertaking relief operations all around the world — treating and vaccinating at-risk communities against COVID-19, aiding overwhelmed medical services following a deadly explosion in Beirut, Lebanon in 2020, and working to assist the more than 6.6 million displaced individuals in Syria.

Mothers, Children, and the IMC

A key aspect of the work the IMC does in compromised regions around the globe is aiding mothers and children in need.
The IMC, “considers women’s and children’s health a key priority for healthy communities. Because women constitute the foundation of both families and communities, their well-being is essential for the success of those around them.”
This critical initiative is highlighted by the more than 300,000 pregnant women and more than three million children under the age of five that die each year from circumstances that could be prevented if they received the proper care.
To attempt to fight these preventable deaths, the IMC goes beyond deploying medical professionals to compromised regions. They are actively training midwives in these communities, and equipping them with the skills essential to combat the challenges of pregnancy, early child birth, newborn care, and much more.
With gender-based violence and child health issues at alarming levels around the world, it is more critical now than ever to support mothers and children. Through volunteer work in local communities and monetary donation to organizations like the IMC, it’s possible to combat these concerning trends.

Through the IMC, Hope Can Practice What She Preaches

Hope currently serves as a member of the IMC’s leadership council, but her relationship with the organization dates back to 2016. In the time since, she has donated both her time and money to lift up and protect mothers and children in compromised communities.
In what would become a life-changing experience, Hope traveled to Jordan in 2018 to work with people in a refugee camp. Located on Syria’s southern border, Jordan has felt a large impact from the Syrian civil war, and is currently home to more than 650,000 refugees, with more than 81% of those living in camps.
In addition to her work on the ground, Hope gives back to the IMC through MUTHA™ — with 5% of the company’s profits going to support the organization. In Hope’s words, it is an opportunity for her and the company to put their money where their mouth is.
In honor of Hope and husband Robert F. Smith’s dedication to helping underserved individuals, the couple was jointly recognized as the 2018 Humanitarian of the year by the IMC.

Unlikely Heroes: The Fight Against Human Trafficking

A nonprofit organization founded in 2011, Unlikely Heroes provides safe homes and restoration services for child victims of human trafficking and sex slaverly. Through their six restoration homes worldwide, Unlikely Heroes has recovered over 500 children to date.
Recovering children is just the first step in Unlikely Heroes’ process, once children arrive at one of their homes, they are greeted by team members committed to reintegrating them to a normal and safe life. The reintegration process includes trauma therapy, case management, life skills, and job training — all with the goal of restoring a child’s ability to live a full life after time spent in unthinkable circumstances.
Unlikely Heroes also works to educate the global community on human trafficking and sex slavery, and has reached over 80,000 people to date. Education resources on human trafficking, child rehabilitation, and more can be found on the Unlikely Heroes website.

Hope Smith, an Unlikely Hero

For more than a decade, Hope has been a supporter of Unlikely Heroes and their mission to restore the lives of children that have fallen victim to human trafficking and sex slavery.
In 2017, when Unlikely Heroes faced the prospect of losing their U.S.-based home, Hope and Robert stepped in to match the amount raised by the organizations GoFundMe, up to $250,000. The donation cemented Hope’s dedication to supporting an organization that she believes does some of the world’s most challenging and important work.
Beyond monetary donations, Hope and Robert also invite survivors from Unlikely Heroes to their ranch every summer. By allowing the children to come together and participate in outdoor activities such as rafting and hiking, the couple aids in their transition back to the type of life every child deserves.

Providing Hope to Mothers and Children In Need

From modeling, to owning her business, Hope has undertaken many challenges in her life, but none more so than being a mother to four children. Her experiences as a mother have reshaped her life, and through empathy have reinforced her passion for helping mothers and children in need.
Finding organizations that are doing work close to your heart is the first step towards giving back. (Researching via Charity Navigator or Guidestar.org is an option, or just connect with groups you love in your community or within your own interests!) From there, any support you can offer will make an impact — as Melinda Gates said, “Philanthropy is not about the money. It’s about using whatever resources you have at your fingertips and applying them to improving the world.”