A hand holds up a container of MUTHA Body Butter

MUTHA™ Products to Be Thankful for This November

The holiday season is quickly approaching once again. That means, it’s finally that time of year to take extra special care to enjoy time with friends and family and say what we are thankful for most. However, as you cater to everyone in your family, make sure to also take some time for yourself. In fact, according to a U.S. News and World Report health study, approximately 38% of people have increased stress levels throughout the holiday season, which may lead to less self-care. Thankfully, MUTHA™, a luxury skincare brand founded by CEO Hope Dworaczyk Smith in 2019, has created a line of amazing products that will make self-care easy, even during the holidays. Indeed, that’s essentially the whole purpose of MUTHA™ products.
“We’re on a mission to nurture you. To be your best, you have to take care of yourself first,” said Hope about MUTHA™. Yet, a lot of women struggle to find the time and space to give our bodies what they deserve. That’s why MUTHA™ is here.”
With all of this in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the MUTHA™ products that are sure to help you with your self-care. These are the products to fall in love with and be thankful for this November, throughout the entire holiday season, and beyond.

MUTHA™ Body Butter

MUTHA™ Body Butter was the product that launched the entire company. When Hope was pregnant with her first child, she looked for a product with natural ingredients that would help prevent stretch marks. When she was unsuccessful in her quest, she turned her kitchen into a laboratory, creating body butter after body butter in her KitchenAid mixer. “I did my 10,000 hours of research on stretch marks, raw ingredients, and formulated batch-by-batch,” said Hope. By the end of her experiments, Hope had the body butter loved by many today. It’s still crafted with 100% natural origin ingredients and delivers an intense, yet lightweight moisture that works hard to minimize stretch marks. It is so beloved that it has received several awards, including being listed as one of Marie Claire’s 2020 Beauty Game Changer selections.

MUTHA™ Body Oil

MUTHA™ Body Oil was one of two products that were part of the initial launch in 2019. It’s designed to give skin a soft, supple glow and features essential vitamins and 100% botanical seed oils. As with the body butter, the body oil has been recognized by outlets all around the world, earning such awards as Byrdie’s Eco Beauty Award for Best Body Oil two years in a row.

MUTHA™ No.1 Serum

MUTHA™ No.1 Serum is packed full of ingredients that will make skin look and feel healthier. The formula features MUTHALOAD™ Core Technology, which includes a hyaluronic acid complex, kefiran, and a rice peptide delivery system that will work hard to repair the skin even after years of wear and tear. It even features stabilized vitamin C (THD), which is designed to reduce pigmentation, increase collagen, and prevent UVA/UVB damage. With all that it offers, it should come as no surprise that it was named one of the Best Clean Beauty Products of 2021 by Glamour.

MUTHA™ Deodorant

This MUTHA™ product arrived in 2021. Crafted with chia seed oil and squalane, the deodorant features an “underarm treatment that nourishes the skin and keeps you feeling as fresh as a MUTHA.” While other more natural-based deodorants might leave an unpleasant smell, MUTHA™ Deodorant features scents of bergamot and mint to help its wearers smell like a Mediterranean vacation.

MUTHA™ Cell Rejuvenating Essence

Added to the skincare line in October 2021, MUTHA™ Cell Rejuvenating Essence is one of the company’s newest products. It’s packed with clinically proven ingredients that will prep and plump the skin and create the perfect foundation for adding any type of skincare product. And, as it’s formulated with MUTHALOAD™ Core Technology, it will help hydrate, protect, and repair the skin. It was even recognized by New Beauty as one of the Best New Skincare Products that launched in October 2021.
This is only a small handful of the wonderful and helpful products that MUTHA™ has to offer. You’ll find even more MUTHA™ products that will reinvigorate your skin on the MUTHA™ website. There is sure to be that ideal item that you and your body will be thankful for as you tackle the holiday season and whatever life throws at you. And be sure to learn more about the luxury skincare brand and its Founder and CEO, Hope Smith.