New Year, New Beauty Trends: What’s Trending in Beauty for 2022

For many people, the new year is about new possibilities. They make plans for being in the best shape of their lives, building a family, or finding the love of their lives. The new year is also a great time to dabble in new beauty routines, whether it be to help improve your confidence or to showcase the already proud person you are. We have compiled a list of five of the newest and best beauty trends to look out for in 2022. A new year can be about celebrating the new you. So, why not give one of these trends a try?

Blue Light Protection

Protecting the skin has been on-trend for years now. Both men and women use various methods to keep their skin looking younger while also preventing potentially deadly diseases like melanoma. However, with more and more people working from home and using technology to connect with their loved ones, people have become concerned with their screens’ blue light and the potentially damaging effects on the skin.
Enter blue light protection products. Skincare options, including sunscreens, are starting to incorporate ingredients like turmeric and algae, or a combination of your standard SPF actives and antioxidants, to help combat the side effects of too much blue light. Keep a lookout for skincare products, such as Tower 28 Beauty SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Foundation, that will allow for skincare multitasking, including that blue light protection.

Clean and Transparent Beauty

It should come as no surprise that people do not want unidentified, unpronounceable ingredients in their beauty products. “Clean” beauty has been on-trend for a while now. However, the buzzword has gotten some recent backlash, as there are no determined FDA rules around what is considered “clean” and not. Some companies, like Ulta, are now asking their customers to tell them what they believe clean ingredients are and what they want to see, and not see, in their products.
In 2022, expect more companies and products to better define what clean really means, with more of those products hitting the shelves. Furthermore, with companies now defining “clean,” expect more transparency with products. Companies are working with more third-party labs to create a detailed list of all of their ingredients in their products. Luxury skincare company MUTHA™, for example, lists all of their ingredients on their website and even defines what they are and how they help customers.

Minimalism Across the Beauty Board

People are getting busier. That’s just a fact. That often means that the extra time for the beauty routine is one of the first things to go. Well, that’s not a problem for 2022. The beauty gurus are predicting minimalist makeup and beauty will trend in this upcoming year, with people focusing on a “less is more” approach. More and more, people want to feel beautiful and strong without the use of loads of makeup accessories. This also translates into fewer ingredients in products and less complexity of formulas. So, ditch the excessive products, and embrace the natural look.

Natural, Healthy Hair

Natural, minimal, and clean is the trend in all areas of beauty in 2022. For years, people have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on artificially augmenting their natural hair to fit a certain style or achieve a very distinctive look. However, 2022 will be all about embracing your natural hair. You can expect to see more people air-drying their hair, staying away from heated accessories, and letting their hair be “natural.” We already saw an uptick in women letting their natural grays show, as in 2020 and 2021, as we had less opportunity to get salon color. Expect this trend to continue across all age groups, as “natural style” rolls into 2022.
Why such a shift in hair care in the new year? We’ve had a lot of time to admire our look in the mirror and to assess our changing beauty routines. Plus, more and more people are concerned with losing or damaging their hair and want to embrace a hair routine that truly celebrates their hair and requires less maintenance. Also, expect more products geared towards hair nourishment, scalp care, and hair growth.

Facial Treatments and Accessories

Over the last two years, more and more people have been partaking in screen time, whether it be for their job or to connect with family and friends. As we stared back at ourselves on the screen, we fretted about how our faces appeared to others. In fact, research on different types of eye treatments has never been higher. For 2022, expect more products and accessories geared towards improving the face, as well as an uptick in facial treatments and cosmetic surgeries. Facial products to stimulate a facial massage, which helps to create a sculpted look in a more natural way, are also expected to make their mark on the market.

How Hope Smith and MUTHA™ Can Help You Embrace These Beauty Trends in 2022

MUTHA™, the luxury skincare company launched by entrepreneur, philanthropist, and CEO and Founder Hope Dworaczyk Smith, has been on the cutting edge of beauty trends since its inception in 2019. It was founded on the principle of providing women with products that would make them feel strong and beautiful, as well as nourish them. In fact, the first product MUTHA™ launched was body butter that was perfected over the years to ensure it only had enriching, helpful ingredients. And, to this day, 97% of MUTHA™ product ingredients have a natural origin.

MUTHA™ has stayed ahead of the beauty curve and has launched some impressive products that are in line with 2022 trends. If you want to make the most of 2022’s beauty trends yourself, check out some of these on-trend MUTHA™ products: