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Summer Skin Care: Stay Glowing and Conquer Oily Skin

There’s so much to love about the summer months — sunshine, water, beaches, vacations… we could go on. But what can be lost in all the greatness of summer is the toll that the changing weather can take on our skin, specifically causing an oily appearance.

Luckily we’ve scoured the internet, and pulled together some tips and tricks to help you create a summer skin care routine that keeps you glowing and tells oily skin, “Thank you, next!”

Causes of Oily Summer Skin and Common Issues

What is your skin’s most common response to hot summer weather? If you guessed sweat, you’d be correct!
Sweat is undoubtedly a good thing — after all it moisturizes and cools your skin, and even kills bacteria. Problems can arise though when sweat is left unmanaged, and not cleaned away for longer periods of time. The most common problem is the production of sebum, an oily and fatty substance.
Sweat activates the production of sebum, which again is helpful to the skin, but can build up and cause an oily appearance, clog pores, and even be the root cause of acne.
An oily look however isn’t the only issue facing your skin in the summer, the following issues can also arise without proper care:
  • Sunburn
    • Common causes: Long periods of time in the sun, lack of sunscreen
  • Heat rash
    • Common causes: Clogged sweat glands from a lack of cleansing
  • Folliculitis
    • Common causes: Clogged pores from (you guessed it) excess sweatn

Skin Care Routines: Top 5 Summer Skin Must Do’s

Sure the summer sun and heat can pose some problems to your skin, but there’s plenty of options to help you fight back and make the most of your time outside.
Here are our five favorite, and most effective, ways to preserve your skin during the summer months and keep you looking your best.

1. Sunscreen and sunglasses

As expected, the number one thing you’ll need to make sure you’re protecting against while outside in the summer is the sun. The two best ways to do that are to apply sunscreen and always keep a pair of sunglasses on in harsh light (something Hope is always sure to do!).
Sunscreen specifically can help in two important areas:
  • Protection from UV Rays — Preventing sunburn is always the first order of business for maintaining healthy summer skin, and you can do that by using sunscreen. While low SPF will work to prevent burns in the moment, SPF 30 or above should be used for better protection from long term damage.
  • Having an even complexion — Sunscreen will protect your skin from damage that could eventually turn into age spots, again the higher the SPF the better.
Just like it’s great to supplement a healthy diet with vitamins, adding a pair of sunglasses on top of an already sunscreen protected face is a terrific habit to get into. While wearing your favorite sunnies makes you feel stylish, your eyes will thank you in the short and long term as over exposure can cause wrinkles to eyelids and the skin around them.
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2. Don’t pack away the moisturizer

For most parts of the country summer means more humidity, which can cause some people to assume that with so much moisture in the air you no longer need your moisturizer.
That’s actually not the case, but with so much humid haze, you may just need a different moisturizer for the summer months.
According to Healthline, you’ll want to look for a thinner moisturizer, and preferably one that has a level of SPF in it. A thing to remember though — moisturizing in the morning won’t replace sunscreen all day, so be sure if you’re going out you have both! And when in doubt, but especially after a sweat sesh or a swim, reapply that sunscreen.
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3. Wear a little less makeup

If you anticipate being outside in the sun for a length of time during the day, try wearing less makeup. Not only will you feel cooler, but you reduce the chance of clogging pores and having the makeup mix with sweat to culminate in that unwanted oily appearance.
A little cheek stain, a little lip color, and some waterproof mascara and voilà! You’re ready.

4. Save your pores, exfoliate

Sweat plus sunscreen, moisturizer, and makeup is an equation that produces a high chance of clogged pores — but thankfully exfoliation can come in to save the day.
Exfoliating one or two times a week is a great way to cleanse your skin and prevent an oily look, which can happen when anything mentioned above is left on the skin for an excessive period of time.
One important thing to remember, according to Healthline: never exfoliate while sunburned.
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5. Cut down on the showers

Now, before you let out an audible “GROSS,” hear us out.
You can still shower daily, and anytime after a workout, but you’ll want to cut out any unneeded rinses that prevent your skin from maintaining a healthy level of moisture (ironic, right?), which can lead to a dry and dehydrated appearance.
If not showering or showering less isn’t the option for you, try sacrificing a little comfort for better skin health. Instead of a hot shower, cool it down a bit. Your skin will thank you.
“Our minds may like hot temperatures, but our skin does not — excessive exposure to hot water can strip the skin of essential oils and damage the outer skin layer,” said Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, in an interview with Livestrong.com.
Additionally staying in the shower for long periods of time can have negative effects and dry skin. So try and limit your time under the water to ten minutes or less.
And when it comes to those natural body odors, we look to skin treatments, not perfumy cover-ups.
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Bottom Line: The Secret to Great Summer Skin

On your path to avoiding oily skin, be sure you’re not clearing a path for dry and cracked skin to enter the fold — it’s all about finding a balance that works for you!
What to remember:
  • Don’t forget sunscreen
  • Sunglasses are your face’s best friend
  • Use a lighter moisturizer (preferably with SPF)
  • The less makeup you wear the better
  • Exfoliate once or twice a week (unless sunburned)
  • Shower less, or quicker under colder water

Hope Dworacyzk Smith: Skin (and Sweat) Expert

As the Founder and CEO of luxury skin care brand MUTHA™, Hope knows a thing or two about caring for your skin. Whether during tennis matches over hot summer months or in the infrared sauna during cold winter days, Hope and MUTHA™ have you covered with products and routines to keep your skin at its glowing best.