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Hope Dworaczyk Smith has launched her book “Your Body Is Magic: Wellness Strategies for a Healthy Pregnancy” full of answers to common questions from new moms who want to have a smooth pregnancy. Illustrated with beautiful watercolor paintings by Kimothy Joy, this book sheds creative light on pregnancy told from the perspective of Hope, who’s a mom herself. Hope shares her very personal pregnancy stories in order to help moms navigate the sometimes uncertain waters of motherhood. Experiences with pregnancy, childbird, and even surrogacy led Hope to create her very book to provide support to anyone who might be currently pregnant or who wants to get pregnant. No matter what situation you’re in, this book provides you with fundamental resources and guidance to make your journey through pregnancy a great experience overall.

“I think a lot of motherhood is really accepting who people are and not trying to edit or change them... That is the biggest thing all humans want — knowing that they have a place where they can completely be themselves. Letting them be is a hard thing for a parent.”

Hope Dworaczyk Smith’s holding her book Your Body Is Magic: Wellness Strategies for a Healthy Pregnancy

Navigate Pregnancy Like a Pro, With Hope

As a pregnant mom, you probably have a million questions running through your mind about your baby and the pregnancy journey. Hope shares her tips ranging from figuring out which supplements will best support your pregnancy to navigating your emotional and physical health.  As a mom herself, Hope knows what it is like to be afraid of the uncertain and afraid of birth, yet she was determined to diminish that fear. As a certified doula and natural go-getter, she sought more from her pregnancies to make them the most holistic experience possible, and now passes this knowledge onto the world for other mothers to use.

This isn’t your typical book on pregnancy and childbirth – Hope shares her personal wisdom and wit surrounding this topic. By the end of reading this book, you could feel like your body truly is MAGIC in everything that it does including delivering a child into this world. All proceeds from the book sales will be given to International Medical Corps, a global humanitarian organization supporting women and children’s health across the world.

Where to Purchase a Copy of Hope’s Book

You can order a paperback copy of this new, exciting book from Amazon or on the MUTHA™ website as an exclusive bundle that includes the MUTHA™ Body Oil and MUTHA™ Body Butter in addition to a free copy of “Your Body Is Magic.” If you need to restock your beloved MUTHA™ essential products (or you want to have the best baby shower gift for your bestie), the bundle might be for you.

“Books like this, which empower and support moms as they go through their own personal journeys with pregnancy, are invaluable. As a mom, businesswoman, and human being, I can’t recommend Your Body Is Magic enough.”

With an eye on self-care, loving your changing body, and getting to the heart of unique pregnancy journeys, “Your Body Is Magic: Wellness Strategies for a Healthy Pregnancy” is a must-read.