Black and white headshot of Hope Dworaczyk Smith

Tips for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

When you decide to become a female entrepreneur, there’s a lot to consider, from business strategy to production. While it can feel like an overwhelming process, it can also turn into the most beautiful experience. Hope Smith officially launched MUTHA™ in 2019, and before that, she put a lot of work into creating the MUTHA™ brand right from the beginning in her kitchen back in 2014. She had a goal of creating the best products for mothers while promoting self care and self love within the beauty of motherhood. Now, with years of experience behind her, she shares her own business tips for aspiring female entrepreneurs who need a little motivation or advice to get started. Hope shares some of her answers to common questions that aspiring entrepreneurs may think about.

First: Define Your Brand Vision

A brand vision helps guide the future of your business model. Hope shares that it’s crucial to combine both passion and necessity to perfect a brand vision. Focus on the aspects that you are passionate about when it comes to your business along with the aspects that are necessary for your business to function properly. The perfect combination of these two things will guide you in creating your brand vision.

Got Setbacks? How to Deal With Defeat

When dealing with problems, as a business leader it’s crucial to take responsibility for what went wrong. Being able to own up to this can help you develop an actionable plan for preventing defeat in the future. While no one wants to fail, sometimes failure is a part of the process that helps your business succeed in the future. Entrepreneurs can learn the most from the lessons learned during stages of defeat so rather than viewing them in a negative light, learn from them and move forward always.

Take Your Temperature: How to Measure Success

Hope shares that measuring your success starts with finding a mentor. Mentors can help keep you on track with your vision in mind so that you don’t stray from that. In addition to this, she says that true success can be determined by not how many hours you are working in a week but by your business being able to function and thrive while you take time away.

What’s Next? Staying on Track With Goals

In her video, Hope shares that having goals that are large, but attainable is key to staying on track. When it comes to staying on target with your goals, it’s important to be very honest with yourself. If you can’t be truthful about what you need to work on and improve then it can be easy to get distracted and to stray away from your goals and potentially face defeat. Overcoming this defeat requires a level of honesty to identify what needs to be addressed with a plan of action for how to achieve the goals. With this in mind, you can keep yourself on track with your business goals by following some of these tips:

  • Keep a journal where you can write down your thoughts and feelings as they come to you to set intentions for each day
  • Set healthy boundaries and deadlines for yourself to ensure you get things completed on time
  • Create a detailed list of your short-term and long-term business goals that you want to achieve

Value of Looking Back: A Message to Your Younger Self

The biggest message Hope shares for your younger self in her YouTube video is to go out as much as you can and don’t cry over “him!” Now, “he” can be someone from a past relationship, but it can also be a bad job in your past. Don’t waste your time crying over a man (or job) that won’t be a part of your life in the future. Starting your own business can sometimes feel like you are getting over a bad breakup with a job that you hated going to — what would you do better if you were in charge? There are so many obstacles that you must overcome in order to succeed as an entrepreneur, but in the end, everything will be okay once you set your mind to it. Don’t waste time mourning a lost love (or a lost job), instead, get going on your own big plans for the future!
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