An image of an open book laying on a beach towel surrounded by sunglasses, a bowl of grapes, and a sun hat.

Top Books to Read This Summer (and Change Your Life)

Summer is the perfect time for laying on the beach and enjoying the extra daylight hours with relaxation in mind. It’s also a great time to reflect on your goals in life and whether you’re moving forward or not. Enjoy the best of both worlds by picking up a book to read this summer while soaking up the sun.
This Vex King book focuses on self love in order to lead a good life. If you’re on a mission to transform your life and put more focus on self-care then this book is perfect for you to read!
This is a quick read with just 103 pages that takes a dive into how to overcome negative self-talk and focus on more positive thoughts in your mind. Written by Shad Helmstetter Ph.D., you can use this book to learn how to rewire your way of thinking with safe techniques to help break out of a negative mindset.
For expecting mothers or those who are curious about pregnancy, Hope’s first book is the perfect summer read! In it, Hope details everything you need to know when you are preparing for pregnancy from building your care team, making a birth plan, and the best nutrition and pregnancy-focused exercises to get strong before giving birth.
This 2020 best seller by James Nestor deals with that simple act of breathing, and its value to our mental and physical health. Apparently we’re not doing it right! Try it out on Kindle or even an audio book version if you want to listen while you enjoy other summer activities.
If you are looking to change your life with new habits, this best seller by retired U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven will help guide you through the lessons you need to learn first. It highlights 10 principles that can help you overcome any challenges you might face throughout your life.
Add some fun and laughter to your reading list with this new novel by Jenny Mollen. Hope’s already enjoyed an advanced copy and highly recommends Mollen’s book for a fun read – laughter is great self care!
Trying to be more productive this summer but find yourself getting distracted all the time? This book by psychologist Richard Wiseman​​ breaks down the science behind how you can change situations to be advantageous in just under a minute.
Can’t forget about the kiddos this summer while you’re reading – this is an incredible YouTube series of children’s literature being read aloud. These video read-alongs with childrens books are perfect to play to help your kids learn and add to family reading time. Grab a copy of any of Awnie’s favorites to read along with her and your babes.
As an author herself, Hope enjoys reading books to expand your knowledge. Read about more of Hope’s favorite reads!