An African American woman rests and looks out on a city vista while wearing workout clothes.

Wandering is the New Running

Summer is about keeping things light and easy, right? But you still want to stay active. It can be difficult to figure out a strong workout plan that doesn’t require equipment or planning. That’s where the new workout trend comes in: walking. From the silly little walk to the hot girl walk, taking a stroll has never been more popular. Learn more about the walking trend and how you can add it to your exercise self-care routine.

What’s a Hot Girl Walk?

The trendy “hot girl walk” was created by TikTok user Mia Lind and it’s simple: Just take a walk. But follow these three rules:
  1. Think about things you are grateful for.
  2. Think about your goals and how you’ll achieve them.
  3. How hot you are.
Hot girl walks aren’t focused on making checklists and planning grocery store lists, but more about manifesting your awesomeness and being present in the moment. Once the walk is over, that doesn’t mean the hot girl walk is. Lind encourages walkers to take that energy throughout the rest of their day. The hot girl walk combines the power of simple exercise with the power of affirmations as a kind of moving meditation.

The Big Benefits of Simple Walking

While exercising by walking and wandering with your thoughts can help you get you in the right headspace for the day, there are several health benefits of simply going on a walk according to Harvard Health Publishing.
  • Counteracts effects of weight-promoting genes
  • Reduces cravings for chocolate
  • Reduces the risk of developing breast cancer
  • Eases joint pain
  • Boosts immune function
And when you choose to “wander” – that is, to walk without a serious plan or route or even destination in mind, you may start to notice elements in your environment you’ve missed. Leave your phone in your fanny pack and really look at things going on around you (not at a screen). What plants are blooming? What noises can you hear? Can you identify particular birds or people speaking in the distance? What can you smell? When you wander physically, your mind can also wander, but you’re also very present in that moment of wandering – just like a moving meditation practice. That old “take a walk to clear your mind” becomes so easy when you add a little wandering to your day.

Tips for Your Next Walk

Before you lace up your shoes and head out on your hot girl walk, there are a few tips you should know to get the most out of your journey.
  • Listen to a playlist on your walk – While Land made a playlist for hot girl walks, feel free to make one that’s suited to your tastes or headspace if that’s better for you.
  • Choose the best measurement for you – Land goes on a four-mile walk, which may not be ideal for everyone. So feel free to choose a goal that’s best for your needs and time. Perhaps two trips around your block is perfect. Or an extra long wandering trip through your neighborhood to a beautiful vista. Whatever you choose, it should feel right to you, not anyone else. This is some “me time.”

Other Self-care Methods You Can Try

While the hot girl walk and wandering are simple ways to get outside and give yourself some much-needed rest and relaxation, it isn’t the only way. Having a well-rounded self-care routine will help you feel more confident and ready to take on the world.
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