Hope stands holding her book while wearing heart-shaped sunglasses against a pink background with the numbers 1, 2, 3.

What New Mothers Should Know in Each Trimester

Having your first child can be a tricky process if you’re going in without a guide. That’s why Hope surrounded herself with experts during her own pregnancy journey along with her studies and training to be a doula. That journey led Hope to write “Your Body Is Magic,” a guide that will lead you every step of the way.
But before you head off on your own pregnancy journey, here are some steps you should take to help yourself along the way – from building your support system to getting your body ready.

The First Trimester

Congratulations! Welcome to the first trimester. It’s early and you have a long journey ahead of you. But there are still things you can do! Birth is an athletic event so act like it by building your team and getting your body ready.
  • Navigate the journey of motherhood by creating affirmations for your pregnancy and being mindful of the information you take in.
  • Create a team that will guide your pregnancy.
  • Stay active and healthy while preparing for your child.

The Second Trimester

You’re well on your way to your due date! While it might not be time yet. It’s good to use this time for one thing: preparing! From developing your birth plan to eating for you and your child. Now is the time before the third trimester creeps up on you!
  • Empower yourself by developing your birth plan, and finding childbirth education classes.
  • Prepare your house for your baby.
  • Create body positive affirmations as your body changes.
  • Understand how your relationships may change with friends, family, and your partner.
  • Prepare your body for your child by prioritizing nutrients in your meals and strengthening your pelvic floor.

The Third Trimester

You made it to the third trimester! You’re about to welcome your bundle of joy to the world. But there’s some final tips you should be aware of before the big day!
  • Now is the time to build the strength and muscles and stamina you’ll need during the birth.
  • Prepare your headspace to be a mother by listing out and researching your fears, creating affirmations to prepare, and making choices for your child.
  • Understand that the due date is just a guess.
  • Find natural remedies for third trimester challenges like swollen ankles, hemorrhoids, and stress.

Learn More with “Your Body is Magic”

The most important thing to know about your pregnancy is that the process starts when you decide to start trying and goes well beyond the act of giving birth to your child. Hope knew that well and wrote “Your Body is Magic” to guide you throughout the journey of your pregnancy and beyond!