Two women hold a laptop computer while they look at it and discuss work.

What Type of Boss Are You?

You may think you’re a great boss, but understanding your leadership style can help you be even better. This awareness can help boost employee morale and performance while achieving company goals. Hope is an entrepreneur and boss lady who keeps her leadership in check. Find out what different leadership styles are and where you fit into these categories.

Understanding Leadership Styles

To become a successful leader, one must first understand leadership styles. Some people may be used to adapting their style to accommodate certain situations, but this isn’t always the case. As a person grows in a leadership role, determining their style is important to be successful. Here are some of the most common leadership styles:

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is exactly what it sounds like – it incorporates change and transformation into what you do. This leadership style helps employees learn to embrace change by creating an environment that motivates them to take accountability. This environment will also foster creativity to create the change necessary for a company’s success.

Delegative Leadership

Delegative leadership is where the leader decides to allow employees to step up and make decisions. This leadership style puts the actual boss more in the backseat and empowers their employees to make company decisions. It gives employees power, with leadership helping to guide them in their decision-making.

Authoritative Leadership

Authoritative leadership focuses on a more inclusive environment where the leader and team work together without division. The leader mentors the team of employees and shares their knowledge and experience with them. This can create a more well-rounded team who feels empowered to express creativity.

Transactional Leadership

Transactional leadership uses the idea of rewards and punishments to lead a team. A team’s workload will be laid out by the manager, with rewards given to the team if they complete something and punishments if they don’t. This leadership style is more manager-focused, where that person oversees and directs the team.

Participative Leadership

Participative leadership is a style where everyone on the team participates. Leaders will actively listen to what their team members say and work to make things happen. This style necessitates good communication and equal power distribution.

Hope, the Founder, and CEO of luxury skincare brand MUTHA™ is a leader at her company and considers all these styles important. Stay up to date with her business ventures by following her on LinkedIn.