A mother and daughter in winter coats filling up cups from a tumbler.

Fun Winter Activities for Kids

Winter is here, meaning snow days could be coming! While most kids love having a snow day away from school, sometimes this can pressure parents to entertain their kids all day. No need to worry though – there are so many fun activities for kids to enjoy during the winter and snowy days at home. Here are some of the best winter activities for kids to keep them entertained for hours.

Stay Inside to Play

Let’s face it – sometimes it’s just too cold to get your kids bundled up and out the door to play in the snow. For those days when you just want to enjoy the warmth inside, here are some ideas for kid activities that won’t require you to be outside in the cold.

  • Create a book list: Sit down with your kids and create a list of books to read for snowy days inside. These could be winter-related or general books that your kids want to read.
  • DIY hot chocolate station: Drinking hot chocolate can become a fun activity on a cold day, by setting up a toppings bar, complete with fun additions for your kids to put on this yummy drink. Some toppings could include mini marshmallows, crushed peppermint, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and more.
  • Movie marathon: Kick back, relax, and get cozy with your favorite blanket while you watch a movie. Let your kids pick a movie they want to watch on a snowy day while you all relax inside.
  • Art projects: It’s always fun to do art projects with your kids. There are endless kid-friendly art activities that you can do on a cold, snowy day. Let their imaginations run wild as they express themselves through creativity and more.
  • Scavenger hunts: The options here are endless! Kids can rummage for rhyming things, favorite things, sight words, or better yet – encourage them to find lost items! These could include remotes, socks, or even some of their toys (a rediscovery that may keep them busy for hours).

Go Outside for Winter Fun

Spend time playing in the snow with your kids with these fun winter activities. Apart from making snow angels and snowmen, here are some fun outdoor winter activities for your kids to enjoy.

  • Make snow paint: You heard that right – snow paint! Send your kids outside to gather snow and add their favorite food coloring to create their own snow paint. This can be used to create outdoor art projects.
  • Go ice skating: If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where there is an outdoor ice skating rink, this can be a fun activity for kids of all ages. Whether they are just starting to learn how to skate or are already pros, this is a fun activity for all – parents included.
  • Take a nature hike: Bring your kids to a nature trail where they can walk the paths in the snow. They will have a chance to see cool animals that thrive in the snowy winter months.
  • Sledding: A perfect winter activity is taking your kids sledding! Many local parks have hills that can be great for sledding. Join in the fun or stand back and watch your kids have a blast!

Hope enjoys winter activities with her children, whether making a snowman or doing indoor arts and crafts. Follow Hope on Instagram to see more of her adventures with her children.