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Your Guide to MUTHA™ Skincare Products

When it comes to skincare, choosing products that are right for your skin is crucial for the best results. Hope Dworaczyk Smith, Founder and CEO of MUTHA™, understood the assignment when it came to creating skincare products with quality ingredients. From creative explorations in her kitchen to finally creating her first product, MUTHA™ Body Butter, the entire MUTHA™ skincare line boasts high-quality products that can enhance your skincare routine. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to sifting through all of the MUTHA™ products – we have your back. We’ll walk you through each product and explain some of the benefits that come along with using each of the products.

MUTHA™ Body Butter

The one that started it all — this is the very first MUTHA™ product launched and with good reason. The MUTHA™ Body Butter contains 100% natural ingredients and its lightweight formula hydrates the skin while also working to reduce stubborn stretch marks from pregnancy.

MUTHA™ Body Oil

The MUTHA™ Body Oil contains essential vitamins that will help revitalize and moisturize your skin. This hypoallergenic product is safe to use on sensitive skin and can provide a subtle yet bright glow to your skin.

MUTHA™ Body Contour Serum

Looking to achieve firmer, tighter, and smoother skin? The MUTHA™ Body Contour Serum is your new best friend in your skincare journey. Formulated with ceramides and botanical oils, it will work to both resurface your skin and reduce those unwanted wrinkles and dimples.

MUTHA™ Deodorant

Never leave the house without feeling fresh again with the MUTHA™ Deodorant. With powerful deodorizing agents including prebiotic-noni-fruit blend and soothing sage oil, you won’t have to worry about underarm odor following you out the door.

MUTHA™ The Nudist Exfoliating Body Bar

Who doesn’t want to reveal smoother and younger looking skin? The MUTHA™ The Nudist Exfoliating Body Bar contains proven ingredients like renewable wood pulp microfoliants to carefully exfoliate the skin.

MUTHA™ No.1 Serum

The MUTHA™ No.1 Serum is your new go-to serum that can target all of your skincare concerns like UVA/UVB damage and pigmentation. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, rice peptide complex, and rice kefiran – your skin will thank you.

MUTHA™ Up All Night Eye Cream

Tired, puffy eyes? The MUTHA™ Up All Night Eye Cream is here to rescue you from a long night. With active ingredients like pearl powder, coffee seed, and botanical extracts, dark circles will diminish, leaving you with wide-awake eyes to take on the day ahead.

MUTHA™ Cell Rejuvenating Essence

The MUTHA™ Cell Rejuvenating Essence is multifunctional, water-based skincare product that provides clinically proven active ingredients that are designed to treat the skin concern at hand. These work together to plump skin, diminish fine lines, and improve resiliency and bounce.

MUTHA™ Cream

Protect and nourish your skin with the MUTHA™ Cream. Formulated with MUTHALOAD™ Core Technology, your skin will be hydrated and protected from harmful environmental stressors and aggressors.

MUTHA™ Cream Extreme

The MUTHA™ Cream Extreme is a rich repair cream that’s easily absorbed by the skin to protect and repair all while you’re getting that beauty sleep. The aloe juice base provides optimal nourishment and hydration for the skin.

MUTHA™ Face Oil

Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, the MUTHA™ Face Oil does it all for your skin – protect, hydrate, and repair. Your skin’s natural process of rejuvenation will be stimulated which works to reduce visible wrinkles and fine lines.

MUTHA™ Candles

Enhance the room with a MUTHA™ Candle made from natural wax from soy, coconut, and beeswax. These candles have a luxurious scent and will be sure to leave an impression on anyone who walks in the room.
You can also purchase these products in a gift set to experience the benefits of using the products together. Want to learn more? Read about how Hope started her beauty journey and how MUTHA™ was created.