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Body Scrub vs Body Bars: What Are the Differences?

When it comes to keeping your skin refreshed and looking great, it might be tricky to know the best products to use. Many people turn to body scrubs and body bars, which, on the surface, may seem to offer the same benefits. But in reality, they both provide their own specific benefits to support and nurture your skin.

Let’s dive into some basic information about body scrubs and body bars, as well as a little info on some of the best body scrubs and bars to use: MUTHA™ body scrubs and body bars.

What’s a Body Scrub?

Body scrubs are a type of body care product designed to exfoliate the skin, which means removing built-up dead skin cells and build up. Oftentimes, these scrubs include ingredients like sugar and salt.

Body scrubs should be used after rinsing your skin in hot water. Once the skin is rinsed, a small amount of scrub can be gently rubbed in a circular motion on parts of the skin for no longer than 30 seconds. A little goes a long way!

A body scrub should be used one to two times a week. Any more than that can risk stripping the skin of moisture and even compromising the skin barrier.

What’s a Body Bar?

While body scrubs are designed to exfoliate, body bars are designed to simply cleanse your body. Body bars are generally mild and more suited for day-to-day use in the shower.

Body bars target various skin issues, such as dryness, roughness, and ingrown hairs. They can also include ingredients like oils, water, and butters, which are designed to help create smoother skin.

Nurture Your Skin Like a MUTHA™

While some people may think it’s okay to use body scrubs and body bars interchangeably, it is clear that both have very different uses. And in the case of the body scrub, using it too regularly can lead to cracked, dry skin. The best way to utilize both for your skincare routine is to use the body bar daily to keep your skin clean and the body bar weekly — twice a week at most — to buff away any dead skin.

When you’re using skincare products, you want to know it features the best ingredients possible to keep your skin healthy. MUTHA™ knows that and only sells products that are 100% vegan and feature ingredients that are 99.8% of natural origin. Plus, there is no animal testing.

The founder of MUTHA™, Hope Smith, set out to create products that are good for the body and created of the very best ingredients. That’s why you can expect the following from MUTHA™body scrubs and body bars.

The MUTHA™ Nudist Body Scrub and Exfoliating Body Bar

The MUTHA™ Nudist Body Scrub uses a blend of rich oils and natural brown sugar to buff away dead skin cells and rough patches. It also includes amino acids and postbiotics that hydrate and support your skin barrier.

The MUTHA™ Nudist Exfoliating Body Bar, on the other hand, includes mircofoliants to gently remove dead skin cells, bumps, and roughness. Nourishing cupuacu seed butter and jojoba oil are also added to help hydrate and smooth the skin.

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