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Hitting the MUTHALOAD: What’s in MUTHALOAD™ Core Technology?

MUTHALOAD™ Core Technology is a unique blend of bio-fermented actives designed to enhance the benefits of clinically proven ingredients. MUTHALOAD™ helps keep your skin healthy and resilient by repairing, hydrating, and protecting against daily damage.

When you have core technology this powerful, it’s no wonder that it’s included in MUTHA™ products like No. 1 Serum, Cell Rejuvenating Essence, and the Up All Night Cream.

Benefits of Bio-Fermentation

Bio-fermentation is at the core of how MUTHALOAD™ gives your skin the boost it needs. Fermentation breaks down organic nutrients to produce quickly and easily absorbed concentrations. When added to clinically proven ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid Complex, Rice Peptide Complex, and Rice Kefiran, it helps significantly optimize both delivery and benefits.

Repair, Hydrate, and Protect the MUTHA™ Way

In many instances, the root of most skincare issues comes down to inflammation. Inflammation can be caused by a variety of situations ranging from over-exfoliation, bacterial infections, and internal inflammation (diet, lifestyle, or stress). MUTHALOAD™ soothes and restores skin, allowing it to return to its healthiest state.

MUTHALOAD™ Core Technology features targeted premium ingredients that repair, hydrate, and protect.


  • Niacinamide – A form of Vitamin B3 that helps enhance skin tone and improves texture and complexion.
  • Tsubaki Oil – An oil that provides a luminous glow without oily residue.
  • Rice Kefiran – A fermented active clinically proven to increase moisture, hydration, firmness, and elasticity.
  • Rice Peptide Complex – A combination of rice peptide, glutamic acid, and fermented hyaluronic acid that helps restore the skin’s barrier.


  • Hyaluronic Acid Complex – Four molecular weights of hyaluronic acid that hydrate the skin’s various layers.


  • Licorice Extract – An antioxidant that is soothing for sensitive skin.
  • Green Tea Extract – An antioxidant with polyphenols that neutralize free radicals from environmental pollutants.

Beyond the MUTHALOAD™

While the MUTHALOAD™ Core Technology does the heavy lifting, it’s the perfect foundation to support and enhance the benefits of the natural ingredients MUTHA™ uses. If you want to learn more about the other ingredients in MUTHA™ products, check out our ingredient spotlights on black tea ferment and brown sugar.