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MUTHA™ Celebrates Momentous Second Anniversary

In 2015, first-time mother, Hope Smith, was pregnant with her son. Mindful of the stretch marks that could result from carrying her child, Hope was eager to find a way to prevent them. Her makeup artist and friend told her to buy a giant tub of La Mer, cover her body with it, wrap herself in Saran Wrap, and go to sleep. The process was to be repeated every single night. Hope did not even last an hour. So, she searched for other options, reading the ingredients of every drugstore and high-end beauty product that she could get her hands on. None of them had the natural, healthy ingredients she was looking for. That’s when she made the decision to take it upon herself to create something better than what was available to women. She took to her kitchen and began to mix up ingredients in her KitchenAid mixer until she created a body butter that was beneficial for her skin.
“I did my 10,000 hours of research on stretch marks, raw ingredients, and formulated batch-by-batch,” said Hope Smith. “After two pregnancies, I was stretch mark-free and had actually improved the texture of my existing stretch marks.”
And with that, the first MUTHA™ product was conceived.
It took a few years from the first product’s conception for MUTHA™ to launch. But since MUTHA™ has officially launched in 2019, it has not stopped growing. On September 17, 2021, the luxury skincare brand MUTHA™ celebrated its second anniversary, and it had a lot to applaud. In two short years, the company has launched dozens of new products, helped millions better care for their bodies, and donated a generous amount to worthy charities. Take a look at the history of MUTHA ™ and how far the company has come in just a couple of short years.

From Homemade Kitchen Experiment to Beloved Body Butter

As soon as Hope produced the first body butter, her friends’ interests peaked; they asked for samples. And once they tried it, they wanted more — so much more that Hope had to move into a laboratory in order to keep up with production. Once in the lab, she tweaked the formula for two years until she was comfortable with the finished product. After over 400+ formulas were tested, the official MUTHA™ Body Butter was born, and Hope was able to launch MUTHA™.

Making MUTHA™ a Household Name

When MUTHA™ launched in September of 2019, it launched with two signature products — MUTHA™ Body Butter and MUTHA™ Body Oil — and a mission to MUTHA™ their customers like their own MUTHA™ would. Both the products and the commitment to helping women care for and love their bodies were adored by women. In fact, MUTHA™ has been producing more and more products to meet the demand of their adoring fans.
Women from every generation can not get enough of the products. After all, as Hope says, “MUTHA™ provides everything to everyone.” And, even by scaling up their offerings more and more each year, MUTHA™ has never skimped on ingredients. Every product is clean and natural but backed by science and clinical trials to ensure the ingredients are the best.
However, MUTHA™ is not just treasured by women. MUTHA™ products have been featured by the press several times over the years and beloved by fashion outlets like Violet Grey. In two years, it has even won several awards, including:
  • Marie Claire – 2020 Beauty Game Changer
  • Refinery29 – Beauty Innovator Awards – Best Body Moisturizers
  • NewBeauty – NewBeauty Awards: Body Treatments + Hydrators – Best Body Butter
  • Byrdie – Eco Beauty Awards – Best Body Oil
  • Byrdie – Eco Beauty Awards – Best Body Oil
  • Cosmopolitan – Best Body Oil
  • HollywoodLife – HollywoodLife Beauty Awards – Best Face Oil
  • CouCouJolie – Beauty Awards – Best Moisturizer
  • Marie Claire – Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence Awards
  • Glamour – Best in Clean Beauty – Best Brightening Serum
Plus, MUTHA™ is on track to net $3 million in sales this year, despite selling the products at a reasonable price at retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, Goop, and Violet Grey.

Driven by a Higher Purpose

MUTHA™ is not just looking out for the mothers, women, and more who use their products. Founder and CEO Hope Smith was driven to not only create products and a company that would support women but also provide support for women and children in poor situations. For example, a percentage of each MUTHA™ sale goes to maternal and infant health programs at the International Medical Corps, a nonprofit organization near and dear to Hope. Hope has even created a MUTHA™ F* Racism Candle, where 100% of profits go towards fighting racial injustice.

Celebrate With MUTHA™

From the very beginning, Hope Smith has said the following about MUTHA™:
“We’re on a mission to nurture you. To be your best, you have to take care of yourself first. Yet, a lot of women struggle to find the time and space to give our bodies what they deserve. That’s why MUTHA™ is here.”
As aforementioned, that devotion to making sure that every woman receives a product that will truly benefit their body is actually why MUTHA™ has acquired such a strong fan base. Yet, MUTHA™ is also humbled by the support that its fans have shown the company over the last two years. To honor their fans, MUTHA™ is giving away a complimentary insulated water bottle with every $35+ purchase.

Would you like to learn more about MUTHA™? Check out the MUTHA™ page on the website. Also discover Hope’s career and life journey that led to creation of her luxury beauty brand.