A child smiling while holding a blue shoebox with “happy bday” on the front. The Together We Rise logo is in the bottom right corner.

Together We Rise: A Year in Review

Together We Rise has been working hard to improve the quality of life for children in the foster care system since 2008. And this year was no exception. As the name suggests, together, we can achieve great things. While Hope and her husband, Robert F. Smith, partnered with Together We Rise to continue and grow The Family Fellowship Program, this isn’t the only thing they’ve achieved this year. Here are some of the programs that Together We Rise has championed during 2022.
When kids in the foster care system move from home to home, it’s not uncommon for them to carry their belongings in trash bags. This can make an already difficult experience harder and denies the kid the dignity they deserve during a challenging time. Together We Rise partners with groups and organizations to decorate and assemble custom Sweet Case duffle bags so children in foster care can do away with trash bags during relocations and have a bag to call their own.


This October, Together We Rise held its Socktober campaign. When children leave their homes, they typically bring very little with them. Socktober is designed to provide these children with the basic necessity of socks. Thanks to partners like Bexley, Together We Rise received 85,000 pairs of socks for children in foster care. With support and donations from the Together We Rise community, these socks were shipped to children all across the United States.


From Mercedes-Benz to Adoptionly Yours, Together We Rise has partnered with some great businesses to help with the nonprofit’s mission. If you want to read more about the other partners that Together We Rise has worked with, check out our partner shoutout blog post.

Disney Days 2022

In September, Together We Rise held its 10th annual Disney Days event. Hundreds of siblings separated by foster care placements are reunited every year to enjoy Disneyland together. This year’s Disney Day reunited 207 separated siblings for a day of fun in the parks.

Partners Help Lighten the Load. Do Your Part.

While Together We Rise made these outstanding achievements throughout the year, they didn’t do it alone. Their fantastic team and partners collaborate to give children in the foster care system safety, care, and joy. But you can never have enough help! You can support in a wide variety of ways, from fundraising to hosting team builds, and you can put more smiles on the faces of foster youths.