Hope sitting on a couch holding two of her children’s hands.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for The Mother in Your Life

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s a great time to think about celebrating and pampering the special mothers in your life. Everyone loves chocolates and flowers, but with all that mothers do, a little more TLC might be a great way to step up your gift-giving game. To ensure you’re treating the mothers in your life right from head to toe, we’re bringing you ideas to nourish each of the body’s five senses!

Taste: Smart Mug

Whether a coffee person or a tea person, we can all agree that nothing beats a warm cup of your favorite drink. That makes a temperature-controlled smart mug a great option. The little things count, so ensure the mothers in your life start each day on the right foot.

Smell: Candles

Few things are more relaxing than an amazing-scented candle. MUTHA™ knows this all too well and has developed two great options:
  • The F* Racism Candle: Burn in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and let the light provide hope. Made of natural wax from soy, coconut, and beeswax, this candle fills the air with the sensational scents of tuberose, mimosa, and vanilla.
  • MUTHA™ Aphrodisiac Massage Candle: Scented with chocolate, this skin-softening candle indulges touch and scent. It releases notes of cocoa flowers, warm milk, and sandalwood. As a bonus, the nourishing wax properties are perfect for healing massage – thank us later.

Sight: Eye Cream and Sleep Mask

After a long night (hanging with the kids or dancing the night away), dark circles are the last thing any mother wants to see. MUTHA™ Up All Night Eye Cream X Slip™ Sleep Mask to the rescue! The Up All Night Eye cream uses a powerful combo of pearl powder, coffee seed, and botanical extracts to increase radiance and reduce dark circles. Our exclusive sleep mask helps mothers capture the z’s they need to take on tomorrow like a boss!

Touch: Towel Warmer

After a long day of taking care of business, who doesn’t appreciate the comfort of a nice warm towel or robe? A towel warmer is just the ticket. They are available in different sizes and feature timers to meet your needs. It’s a fabulous way to create a little spa day luxury at home.

Hearing: Guided Meditation

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is peace of mind. After dealing with motherhood’s stress, meditation can be a powerful way to recenter. Giving the gift of calm via a guided meditation app is a great way to remind mothers to take a few minutes to check in and do something nice for themselves.

The Perfect Gifts for the MUTHA™ in Your Life

Still stumped for the perfect gift? Consider the gift of self-care! MUTHA™ has various gift sets ready to be opened by the special mothers in your life. From the Bare It All Set to the Woke Up Like This Set, there’s something for everyone. Remember, self-care is never selfish, especially when it’s supported!

MUTHA™ strives to care for your skin as your own mother would. Their products are rigorously tested and always formulated with organic ingredients. To learn more about the ingredients that go into MUTHA™ products, check out our ingredient spotlights on black tea ferment and brown sugar.