Wandering is the New Running

An African American woman rests and looks out on a city vista while wearing workout clothes.

Want to change up your exercise routine? Going on a “hot girl walk” is a great way to combine exercising with affirmations. Learn what a hot girl walk is all about.

Why You Need Exfoliation in Your Life

The MUTHA™ Exfoliation Body Bar

When it comes to looking your best, don’t forget about the power of exfoliation! We look at the benefits of exfoliating regularly and a new MUTHATM product that can help!

Glamping for Everyone

Hope Dworaczyk Smith experiences the great outdoors with her twins in matching blue hoodies.

You’re ready to camp, but make it fancy. Not sure how over-the-top a glamping trip might need to be? The good news is there’s lots of options for glamping.

Women to Watch: Monica Rho

A turquoise, graphic banner with “Women to Watch - Monica Rho” overlaid in white text

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team physician Monica Rho is the woman to watch for July. Read on to learn about her career on and off the field.