Why You Should Never Skip Eye Cream

The left side of the image features the MUTHA Up All Night Eye Cream. The right side shows a woman with brown hair applying eye cream to her outer eye area with her fingertips.

No one likes waking up with dark circles or bags under their eyes. See how eye cream can help you look more refreshed, even if you’ve been momming hard.

Women to Watch: Bozoma Saint John

A turquoise and purple graphic banner with white text that reads “Women to Watch: Bozoma Saint John” in the center.

Bozoma Saint John is nothing short of a badass when it comes to her career and her personal life. Read on to learn more about her incredible accomplishments.

The Importance of Your Yearly Skin Exam

A woman in purple, and a medical professional wearing a stethoscope and white coat, look at a digital tablet.

Getting your skin examined yearly is the best way for doctors to monitor for potential skin cancer and other concerns. Learn more about what goes into skin exams.

Ingredient Spotlight: Brown Sugar

Brown sugar rests in a clear container on a countertop.

Brown sugar is a simple but powerful addition to your skincare routine. Learn more about the benefits of this ingredient and how Hope uses it in MUTHA™ products.

Women to Watch: Greta Gerwig

A turquoise and purple graphic display with the text “Women to Watch - Greta Gerwig” in the middle.

Making a name for herself in the film industry is October’s Woman to Watch – Greta Gerwig. Read on to learn more about how she became who she is today.