Hope Dworaczyk Smith stands in her wedding gown before marrying Robert F. Smith.

Essential Skincare Products To Get You Ready for Your Wedding Day

As you prepare for the big day, you probably have a million things running through your mind that need to get done and skincare might not be one of them. Many women may not consider establishing a solid skincare routine before the big day. However, pre-wedding skin care is essential for getting your skin looking its best – even if you think your skin is fine already. Whether you are completely new to the skincare world or you have an established skincare routine already, we’re here to share essential skincare products that should be incorporated into your routine leading up to the big day.

Cleanse Your Skin Day and Night

The first step to establishing a good pre-wedding skincare routine is to cleanse your skin. Especially if you wear makeup, it’s even more important that you are cleansing and even double cleansing at night to remove any dirt and debris from your skin. You may already have a favorite cleanser that you use daily, but this guide can help make the decision easier when it comes to choosing the right cleanser for your skin type.

Brighten With Vitamin C

Bright skin = a healthy glow. And that can translate into more vibrant pictures of you on your wedding day. It can be overwhelming to search through the many brightening serums on the market, but one thing to keep in mind is selecting a product that includes a powerful vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that works to even out skin tone and overall brighten the skin. Using a serum like the MUTHA™ No.1 Serum paired with the MUTHA™ Up All Night Eye Cream in your routine can help you achieve glowing, wedding day ready skin.

Exfoliate to Remove Dead Skin

Exfoliation is key to removing dead skin cells to reveal younger, brighter looking skin. By exfoliating on a regular basis leading up to your big day, this can help you get a natural glow while smoothing your skin. You may think exfoliation is just for your face but you can actually exfoliate your entire body. Using the MUTHA™ Nudist Exfoliating Body Bar and the new MUTHA™ Nudist Exfoliating Body Scrub paired with the MUTHA™ Body Contour Serum afterwards can help get your skin prepped and ready to step into your wedding dress.

Hydrate Your Skin (No Matter What)

Oily skin? Combination skin? Dry skin? No matter what type of skin you have, hydration is essential. You can properly hydrate your skin from within by drinking enough water each day and also from the outside by applying a moisturizer daily. Using a lightweight moisturizer packed with vitamins to hydrate your skin like the MUTHA™ Cream will protect and prep your skin for the day.

Protect From UV Rays

We’re not getting any younger – that’s why it’s important to wear sunscreen daily to protect your skin’s barrier from harmful UV rays. By incorporating sunscreen into your daily skincare routine, you will help protect your skin and it can decrease the signs of aging. It is recommended to wear a sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 to help prep your skin for the big day. If you aren’t sure which sunscreen is the best option for your skin, this sunscreen guide will help you choose.


When it comes to prepping your skin for the big day, taking care of your body doesn’t have to be another stressful thing to add to your to do list. If you follow a consistent skincare routine and choose the right products for your skin type, your pre-wedding routine can help you achieve glowing results. If you are new to MUTHA™ products and need help selecting the ones that are best for your skin, this MUTHA™ product guide will walk you through each product and its benefits. Aside from your skin, your wedding day should be about spending quality time with loved ones in your life. Hope shared many special moments at her wedding with family, and friends, and we hope you will, too!.
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